Thursday, 31 March 2011

What I Wore #26

Cardi: Topman  |  Shirt: Topshop  |  Shorts: Vintage Levi  |  Bag: Vintage  |  Shoes: Kurt Geiger

I love this aran knit cardi, I had been searching for one for ages and eventually found one in Topman, and seeing as they now cater for prepubescent boys, I found a nice small one that fits really well.

In other news, I nearly got arrested last week, it's not as exciting as it sounds, but is completely ridiculous so thought I'd share. I picked my boyfriend up from the station at about 11.30pm on a Friday night, then we stopped to get a Chinese take away. On the way home I got pulled over by the police, apparently my driving looked wobbly hah! wobbly? come on! I actually think I'm a very good driver (sometimes). Anyway, I had to do a breath test, but I hadn't had a single drop to drink for days so knew I'd be fine - but I bloody wasn't! The reading said I was only just under the limit! That's right, another mug of lemsip and I've have been in the slammer! I doubt they believed me, but that's all I could put it down to; I'd been taking all sorts of medicines for my cold. I found this all very funny.


  1. Totally love this look, and loving that bag!!! x

  2. Thanks. :) You have awesome style!

  3. i love your blog! how did you create such a lovely format on blogger?!


    1. Thanks! I wrote the html/css for the layout myself. I had to study it at uni x

  4. I love this outfit!
    Thanks for your comment beautiful!
    I really like your blog :) I follow u!


  5. love this outfit, so pretty :) xx

  6. very cute! love your bag!!! so nice!

  7. i love this outfit! very chic

    adella x

  8. Wow, that really impressed me! I like your ideas. And the cartoon made it even better! Thanks for sharing your concept! Cheers This is simply hilarious! I gotta keep coming back.